Use cases

Real Estate

SMS and Dialler works like magic in Real Estate. With the right Data, SMS and Dialler can yield a Cost Per Lead lower than Facebook and Google and at a much faster velocity.

While generating leads, marketers face a challenge that whenever they try scaling Facebook Ads, the CPL shoots up because Facebook's Algos increase the bidding prices. Hence, a Company working on stiff targets often face a trade-off between Velocity of Lead Generation and Cost of Lead Generation.

SMS and Dialler on the other hand are purely democratic products and if Data is optimized, they can be scaled linearly without losing impact. The CPL in both these products are low. Dialler may churn leads at a lower cost than SMS, there is however a lot of Noise in terms of Junk Leads. But overall, the Cost of a Good Lead is quite low.

With VAPP's SMS Product, Client's get additional info on Data Performance which enable them to analyse which Data Sets perform how, what Content produces more Engagement and what Landing Pages create longer engagement. This translates into 40-70% improvement in the SMS Performance.