Use cases

Loan Distribution

Loan Distribution as a business is still being run on cold calling by 98% Loan Distributors in the Market.

VAPP's Dialler is changing the way how Loan Distribution as a business generates leads! Dialler is Cold Calling on Steroids.

A traditional distributor is hardly able to grow ROIs because scaling business means scaling people and cost of business increases tremendously as number of people increase. Dialler is a solution where a Loan Distributor is able to scale his business without needing to hire more employees as it enables existing set of employees to expand their ROIs by more than 100%.

A dialler runs a powerful voice message in the most popular language of the targeted geography. The interested people are connected live with the agent who does the sales. Hence, in a way its cold calling done by the system to only connect the interested candidates with the Sales team, saving them time and energy and improving productivity.

We have already transformed the Business of 50+ Loan Distributors, especially in the Business Loan segment and these players are seeing tremendous rise in their ROIs in a very short span of time.