IVR Dialler Details

Toll Free Number

Toll free numbers help your business to build trust with its customers and handle Customer Complaints or Feedbacks smoothly while recording calls for Quality Purposes, all in an effortless CRM. Get your business a Toll-Free number today

Outbound Dialler

Outbound Dialler is a very powerful replacement for Computer-driven Cold Calling where a Human voice is broadcasted over a set of numbers with a pre-rendered message in any language and with a Call-to-Action like “Press 1”; extremely powerful in Lead generation with among the lowest CPL across Digital Spectrum


Virtual Numbers are single Numbers which connecting your different facets of Business-like Marketing, Sales and Support. Patch multiple Agents and multiple Departments in a single number

Progressive Dialler

Progressive Dialler is another form broadcast where Live agent is connected with a list of numbers in a directory with a pre-determined timeline between each call

Cloud Call Centre

A combination of IVR Channels, Outbound dialling and Progressive dialling in a single CRM to manage the breadth of a Call Centre while having access to tools to check quality parameters

API Integration

Connect your existing CRM (Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, etc) with our Voice Application with our APIs and Webhooks for a seamless experience; it takes less than 2 Hrs to connect your CRM with our API